Problem Solving with map Tools

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Puzzles that are sort of like math word problems, where students have to use map tools (scale, latitude/longitude, etc.) to solve real world problems. Two I would love to see would be something related to migration to the new world and an evacuate the city, a hurricane is coming kind of thing. They could choose a method of transportation (boat, walking, etc.) a scale they can stretch across land or down the coast that would fill in a table with data on how long it would take people to get to Monte Verde in the south. Their line might turn to a red X if they try to walk through the ocean or cross the Rockies. Up the Ante, figure out how to get to a site within a suggested date range to match archeological data. Hurrican one might require they plot locations, predict based on prior activity where it will go, and you can let the hurricane go and see if they evacuated the right city.

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