A search bar to find your own created lessons

Guest shared this idea 18 months ago
Long term

A search bar helps you locate your own lessons faster. A search bar is the normal way to locate items online, so it seems to me that a more efficient way to search is by the name of the lesson. Yes, we might place it in a folder, however, what folder? We are busy.....so sometimes you do not want to search a folder or go through every lesson created to find the one need.

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Hi there!

Thank you for posting this idea!

This is an item that we will pick up eventually. It will be a long term project, but we will start working on this!

Feel free to invite your coworkers to vote or react. If you want to place a reaction, you’ll need register on the forum. But you don’t need to register to place an item or vote!

Cheers, Nidia